8 Ground Breaking DYOR Rules for beginners in Crypto — The Blockchain Decentral

  • Market Cap — Total Amount worth Invested in the market
  • Total Supply — Total number of coins that exists
  • Circulating Supply — Total number of coins available to get circulated (trading/investing) in the market
  • 24 Hours Volume — How much buy-sell happened in 24 hours
  • Altcoins — Cryptocurrencies alternative to Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin/Ethereum Dominance — The aggregate Percentage of the amount invested in Bitcoin/Ethereum from the circulating supply

Here are some important square measures to help you DYOR:-

Check The Coinmarketcap & circulating/total Supply

Research For Team Management Behind The Project Thoroughly

Review The Complete Roadmap & Whitepaper

Check Supported Exchange & Listings

Check The Top 5 Hodlers

Review Strategic Investors

Scan The Technical Compositions

Check the Tokenomics



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